Misery, Missouri

"I've played 150+ shows in the last 12 months, made 3 records and written 173 songs (and counting)." That impressive little sentence was included in an email I received over the weekend from Paleo, a one-man project from Luntz, FL. Paleo is the moniker taken by David Andrew Strackany, a talented and clearly prolific young unsigned singer/songwriter. Upon further investigation I found that not only was Paleo not exaggerating about his songwriting output, he had even posted lo-fi demos of each song on his website. The project is called The Song Diary and the goal is to write 366 songs in 366 days, from Easter of 2006 to Easter of 2007. So he has one song a day posted (both lyrics and audio) dating all the way back to April 16, 2006. He's even included the city in which each song was written/recorded, and with a touring schedule like Paleo's, that's quite a long list of cities.

Dating back to September 8, 2005, Paleo has played 100 shows all across the country, selling his self-released, self-recorded Misery, Missouri LP along the way. The album is filled with stripped down, lo-fi masterpieces that can just as easily draw comparison to Bob Dylan and The Beatles as it can early Elliott Smith and acoustic Dino Jr. The passion and energy on these recordings are the real deal too, not some contrived emo-folk persona. Strackany dropped everything to record Misery, Missouri - his home, his job, etc. - and he's been touring non-stop ever since. He's a true road weary troubadour, doing this music thing all on his own and embodying the DIY esthetic. I've posted an MP3 of one of my favorite songs below. If you like what you hear, you can pick up a copy of the album for 10 bucks on his website, though chances are Paleo will be visiting a club near you in the very near future and I'm sure you can pick one up there as well. Keep this kid on your radar...

PS: thanks to Josh from the Silent Years for introducing me (and now you) to this talented young artist.

"Occams Razor" MP3

Paleo (download The Song Diary here)

Misery, Missouri