Richard Buckner is a one of kind artist. There's no one else around right now with that beautifully husky voice. He's part country, part ghost, and part steam engine. Buckner has the ability to sound rough while sounding gentle. On his eighth full length album, Meadow, Buckner stays true to the sound that has gained him all the critical acclaim over the years. His incendiary voice is backed by an all-star lineup - Doug Gillard (Guided By Voices, Cobre Verde), Kevin March (GBV, Those Bastard Souls, Dambuilders), JD Foster, and Steven Goulding (Mekons, Gram Parker, Waco Brothers).

If you've never heard Richard Buckner before, you could probably liken him to that of Sun Kil Moon or Lucinda Williams. Of course Buckner sounds like neither of these artists, but you get the idea. The lead off song on Meadow is "Town," a rainy day lament that sets the ghostly yet gravely tone of the rest of the album. "Town" and the rest of Meadow sound like an old letter that you find in an attic.

"Lucky" is my favorite track off the album. When Buckner's double tracked voice enters for what seems to be a chorus, it's electrifying. His voice soars without going very far. It sounds as though it he is standing in a hallway, which could very well be the case, as part of the album was recorded in Buckner's apartment in Brooklyn. The song actually sounds as if it was rained on - gloomy and rhythmic.

Meadow is another fabulous collection of songs from a brilliant singer-songwriter. Songs like "Mile," "Window," and "Numbered," will make you go back and listen to the other Buckner albums that you haven't put on your turntable (or iPod) in a long while. And if no Richard Buckner has ever entered your collection, then go to your local record store and be prepared to fall in love.

"Town" MP3
Richard Buckner