UK's Marion Reform

Talk about blast from the past. I was thumbing around the internet this morning and found news about an underrated Britpop band called Marion who were based out of Manchester. While not the most remembered from their time nowadays, Morrissey was said to be one of their biggest supporters. Shortly before the millennium the band decided to split, partly due to front man Jamie Harding's drug use, and they kind of went into obscurity only to be mentioned in books on the history of Britpop.

Anyway, long story short, it appears that the band has reunited and will be playing a few songs across the pond. Sadly, yet understandably, they are already sold out. If anyone out there is reading this and did manage to scrounge up a ticket, please let us know how the show went. Granted, the whole band isn't back together but they are still playing under the Marion moniker. Original members from 1993 - 1999 included Jaime Harding, Anthony Grantham, Phil Cunningham, Nick Gilbert and Murad Mousa. The current lineup includes two of the old members with Jaime Harding, Phil Cunningham, Jake Evans, Che Hargreaves and Jack Mitchell.

Also, if any of you A&R types are out there, these guys are looking for a label. Hint, hint.

The Return Of Marion:
09.16.06 - Manchester (Night & Day)

09.19.06 - London (Barfly)


UK's Marion Reform