Food - The Automat Returns To NYC

For months we have seen signs for the almighty return of the automat to New York City. The concept of hot, fresh, insanely cheap food from a vending machine is a bit odd, but it was something I just had to try. After much anticipation, Bamn has finally opened its doors, illuminating St. Mark's Place with a bright pink glow. It is a beacon of light for bar hoppers craving some fried goodness to help soak up the booze.

Fellow Tripwire writer Erin Chandler and I stumbled into Bamn after enjoying some beverages at a few of our favorite watering holes. Although you can order fries, drinks and ice cream from an actual employee, we opted to stick with the coin-operated vending machines to get the real automat experience. Erin spent a whopping $1.50 on a grilled cheese to get things started, while I went for the fried awesomeness of the mac & cheese croquette. For drunk food, it was mighty good. Of course, how can you mess up a grilled cheese?

After looking over the other options, we decided to try a few more eats, including the mozzarella sticks, pizza dumplings and finished it all off with donuts. Each snack sized munchie was equally good, especially when you are just looking for a quick bite on the go. I would never consider Bamn as a meal destination, but for a cheap way to fill up your stomach late at night, it is just right.

I would have to say that the mac & cheese croquette was my favorite... which tasted like a mac filled egg roll. It was damn delicious. Comfort foods from a vending machine may seem like a novelty, but when you are craving a late night snack, it totally hits the spot.

37 St. Mark's Place - NYC

Food - The Automat Returns To NYC