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-New reviews for Joseph Arthur, Richard Buckner, Paleo, IV Thieves, S.A Crary, The Hourly Radio, Kunek and Noah Baumbach.

-Some people break up while others make up.

-Live show reviews for The Cramps, Ray LaMontagne, IV Theives, Headlights, Adem and Frank Smith.

-Chip Adams wants one.

-Mountain Goats climb to the top.

-Podcast.018 features new music from Kinnie Starr, The Black Neon, Van She, Dustin's Bar Mitzvah, The Thermals, Judah Johnson, Darker My Love, Spencer Dickinson, Radio Birdman, Cursive, Chad VanGaalen, Headlights, What Made Milwaukee Famous, Eric Bachman, One Ring Zero, Second Story Man, The Tyde, The Village Green, The Victorian English Gentlemen's Club and Birdmonster.

-Belive the hype.

-New info for The Who, Walter Meego, Portishead, Cold War Kids, Thom Yorke, Hybrid, Cities, Stolen Transmission, Ben Folds, Maximo Park, Touch And Go, Manic Street Preachers and Soulwax.

-Thank God she didn't cover them.

-Updated tour information from Mew, Bon Savants, Darker My Love, Sharon Jones, Gomez, DFA, Mobius Band, Chin Up Chin Up, Man Man, Raconteurs, Golden Smog, Two Gallants, Canada, Art Brut, The Starlight Desperation, Adem and Lisa Germano.

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-Get your socks rocked off.

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Tripwire - In Case You Missed It