Live - The Gossip @ Metro | CHI

The Gossip rolled through Chicago over the weekend. Unfortunately, I was out of town so I was unable to witness the greatness of their live show first hand, but our good friend Ari @ Something Glorious was, and he wrote up a great review. You can read the first couple of paragraphs below, then click "more" to head over to his site and check out the full review.


Last night, the Gossip stormed into Chicago. With screaming fans coaxing them out, the trio that makes up the Olympia, Wash., dance punk band hit the stage hard with a searing "Keeping You Alive." The floor was jammed with rabid fans pushing up close to get a taste of Beth Ditto, the band's Rubenesque powerhouse frontwoman.

Watching the hourlong show, which many fans complained was too short (more the venue's curfew than the band's desire to play a truncated set), one thing came to mind: you know the music is going to be great but what really makes the show hot is Ditto.


Live - The Gossip @ Metro | CHI