Band To Watch - Baboon

For those of you who were gobbling up indie rock in the early nineties, you might recall the Dallas band Baboon. Formed in 1991, these guys have been making consistently awesome and indescribable rock & roll, with a sound that totally fits their name. Grass Records released their debut LP, Face Down In Turpentine, in 1994. They followed this with their brilliant, slightly frightening sophomore effort, Secret Robot Control, released in 1997 by Wind Up Records. It was noisy, abrasive, and fucking brilliant.

Since then the band has released an EP, a third studio LP and even a live album. Their fourth full-length, Baboon, will be released on October 10th. Although currently unsigned, this record is chock-full of infectious hooks, marking their most polished effort to date. After knowing this talented group of fellows for many, many years, I am making it my personal mission to spread the word of Baboon.

For our readers in Texas, the band has two upcoming shows, one in Dallas and the other in Austin. For the rest of us, somebody please sign Baboon and let them get on the road. After making bombastic rock for over fifteen years, this is a group that has paid their dues... and then some!

You can sample a track off the new album via their MySpace page. If you dig it, the band has been kind enough to offer up a free download of their amazing EP, We Sing And Play, on their official website. "012 Seconds" and "Closer" will rock your ass off.

Baboon Release Shows
10.13.06 - Dallas, TX (Granada Theater)
10.20.06 - Austin, TX (Room 710)

Baboon - Official Site
Download - We Sing And Play EP

Band To Watch - Baboon