Download New Music From Portastatic

Mac McCaughan (Superchunk, Merge founder) and the rest of Portastatic is getting ready for the release of their ninth album, titled Be Still Please. If you can't wait until October 10 for the new record, then feel free to download the opening track below for free.

In other Portastatic news, Mac McCaughan has launched a blog where he talks about his band, music, politics and even sports. Seriously, who doesn't have a blog these days?

Portastatic blog

"Sour Shores" MP3
Be Still Please:
01. "Sour Shores"

02. "Black Buttons"

03. "I'm In Love (with Arthur Dove)"

04. "Sweetness and Light"

05. "Getting Saved"

06. "You Blanks"

07. "Like a Pearl"

08. "Cheers and Applause"

09. "Song for a Clock"

Download New Music From Portastatic