Múm To Release Peel Session

There is just something about Icelandic music that I find totally fascinating. From Björk to Sigur Rós, the creativity and uniqueness of their distinctive melodies always sucks me in. This is also true for the pop experimentalists Múm, who formed back in 1997. I stumbled upon their beautiful album Finally We Are No One thanks to the recommendation of a friend of mine. Filled with crackly drum loops and breathy female vocals, it still ranks as a favorite of mine.

Back in 2002, Múm recorded a Peel Session consisting of four songs from their debut album, Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today Is OK. Fat Cat Records will be releasing the session, giving fans a look back to the group's original lineup and before their sound was copied by countless numbers of others.

Due out in November, the Múm Peel Session will be packaged in handmade artwork. This should keep fans happy until the band's next studio album, which is nearly finished and due out next spring.

Múm Peel Session
01. "Scratched Bicycle/Smell Memory"
02. "Awake On A Train"
03. "Now There's That Fear Again"
04. "The Ballad Of The Broken String"

Múm To Release Peel Session