Tell Me

Catfish Haven's Tell Me is my kind of music. It sounds old, it's not cool, and it's got some soul. Imagine Creedence Cleawater Revival if a white Otis Redding was singing. It's simple, because it doesn't try to be complex. It's fun, it's dramatic, and it's something that is made to be put on vinyl. It rips off songs like "Heatwave" by Martha And The Vandellas. It's road trip music. It's music from a jukebox. It reminds me of that scene in Animal House - The "A Little Bit Softer Now" part of "Shout." It'll be an album the hipster kids can love, the frat boys can love, the country boys will like, and sure parents can do a little dancin' to as well. It's likeable. Bottom line.

I downloaded "Tell Me," the title track, a few weeks ago and then after getting the CD, realized that "Tell Me" came up twice as the album played. I haven't removed it yet. The song is just that enjoyable. I listen to it twice every time I listen to the album. Ain't nothing wrong with that. It rips of "Heatwave", but hey, who the shit cares? It's a romp. It's fun. It gets your body moving. It sounds as though a gospel choir should have been there clapping in long purple robes. You can't help but clap along yourself even if it's in your chair while at work. If you see me shut my eyes and sway from side to side, then you'll know what I'm listening to.

Most of the songs have the same elements as "Tell Me". It's real simple, clap along rock/soul songs that were created in the woods of... Chicago? Sure, why not. "Another Late Night" is a great rocker that is a total Creedence song. I'm so glad a band is taking that sound and running with it. I love that kind of music, most of the time more than the stuff that comes out today. "Down By The Fire" is a 3/4 down tempo song that was surely written after listening to Otis Blue. It's everything that was good about Redding - the drama, the soul, the horns, the 3/4. It's absolutely fantastic.

Catfish Haven's Tell Me is really one of my favorite discs of this year. I had the pleasure of seeing these guys down at Mercury Lounge the other week. They killed every single note they played. And they even had the essential backup singers. I'm telling you, if you like Otis or Sam (which you do, cause if you don't, that's weird) and you like Creedence Clearwater Revival (again, if you don't, that's weird.), then you'll love this album. It's near flawless. K.I.S.S.

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Tell Me