Deerhoof's Friend Opportunity

After losing a member back in May, Deerhoof are hard at work on their new album, Friend Opportunity, that is set to come out in early 2007. There isn't much information about it except that they finally leaked a track listing this week via Gigwise. Also, David Shrigley, who also created Blur's video for "Good Song", did the new album's artwork. Hopefully we will hear something more concrete soon!

Friend Opportunity Track Listing:

01. "The Perfect Me"
02. "+81"
03. "Believe E.S.P."
04. "The Galaxist"
05. "Choco Fight"
06. "Whither the Invisible Birds?"
07. "Cast off Crown"
08. "Kidz Are So Small"
09. "Matchbook Seeks Maniac"
10. "Look Away"

Deerhoof's Friend Opportunity