demos 2006

Bill Gillim, Joel Ford, Aynsley Powell and Andrew Brady are Brooklyn (by way of Northhampton, MA)-based indy/dance/pop outfit Tigercity. They make music that will have your ass shaking in seconds, combining elements of Talking Heads, Daft Punk, Steely Dan, The Police, Prince and well... yacht rock. They've played a few shows around NYC and Boston, opening for the likes of M.I.A., Serena Maneesh, Mobius Band and The Oxford Collapse. They also released an EP in 2005 via Forge Records that is pretty decent, but their new demos, the ones in question here, are head and shoulders above the rest of their creative output and absolutely worthy of the precious space on your iPod.

"Are You Sensation" kicks things off with the rhythmic thump thump of the bass drum and an angular guitar riff before busting into full swing with jangly disco guitars and a chorus that would sound right at home on Michael Jackson's Off The Wall.

"Dark Water" sounds more modern off the bat, but by the time the falsetto vocals pop into the mix, the retro-tastic groovyness is back in full force and conjures images of sweaty indie kids dancing their asses off, waving their hands in the air and having the time of their lives.

The final demo, "Solitary Man," is a synth heavy, falsetto-filled '80s slow jam (by comparison) that's the perfect make out track for the urban hipster couple.

So while this isn't exactly a proper release and these are just demos that will be re-recorded as soon as the band gets some money, these three tracks have convinced me that this band is one to keep on your radar. You can listen to all three on the band's MySpace page and you can download one of them below. A&R/label guys, hit me up if you want contact info for the band. They're currently unsigned and looking for a home.

"Are You Sensation"


demos 2006