Andy Yorke Prepares Solo Album For '07

Good ol' Andy Yorke is back in action. The younger brother of Radiohead's Thom Yorke made his mark by fronting the band Unbelievable Truth, which released two albums before imploding 2001. Their debut album, Almost Here, was quite overlooked here in North America, although it did receive some success in the UK. Thanks to a tip by fellow anglophile Torr, we know now that Yorke is back to making music.

Andy Yorke has created a MySpace page, where he left the following nugget of news: "I've just finished recording and mixing a solo album - as yet unnamed - with Nigel Powell producing & playing various instruments, Jason Moulster playing bass... so, er, it's not a million miles away from being a third Unbelievable Truth album. The album will hopefully be released early 2007. I'm posting a few of the album recordings both here and on the radio on my website, which is otherwise still under construction. And before too long I may even play a gig or two."

Welcome back Andy!

MySpace page
Official website

Andy Yorke Prepares Solo Album For '07