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Download New Music From Eric Bachmann

Not too long ago, Saddle Creek released the new CD from Eric Bachmann titled To The Races. Some people might recognize Eric from his days in Archers of Loaf and Crooked Fingers. His newest work however was put out by neither of those monikers, rather just as his name.

Bachmann wrote most of To The Races last summer after returning home from touring and living out of his van. The end result is something special. Download the two tracks below to see for yourself.

To The Races:
01. "Man O' War"

02. "Home"

03. "Carrboro Woman"

04. "Genivieve"

05. "Genie, Genie"

06. "Lonesome Warrior"

07. "To The Races"

08. "Liars and Thieves"

09. "Little Bird"

10. "So Long, Savannah"
"Carrboro Woman" MP3
"Lonesome Warrior" MP3

Download New Music From Eric Bachmann