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Is That An Atari In Your Pocket?

Although I really don't follow video games anymore, as I can't afford to snag a new system, I was totally into all that back when I was a kid. I was in the prime of my game addiction back in the '80s when my family purchased an Atari 2600. From Pac Man to Pole Position, Centipede to Pitfall, my summer days involved plenty of time in front of the television.

If you long for a bit of video game nostalgia, I stumbled upon these pretty sweet Atari key chains that actually plug into your TV. Sure they won't replace the awesomeness of the original Atari 2600 console in all its artificial wood grain glory, but this is a cool way to still enjoy a quick round of Asteroids/Millipede, Centipede/Yar's Revenge, and, with the paddle, Pong/Breakout & Warlords. I do love the fact that the key chains are mini versions of the original controllers, and having actual working games are an added bonus.

You can snag one of these Atari key chains at Think Geek. Anybody want to buy me one? Props to Productdose for discovering these.

Is That An Atari In Your Pocket?