Nigel Godrich To Debut TV Show

Nigel Godrich has reached a familiarity and near-rock star status that has only been reached by a handful of fellow producers. His work with Radiohead, Beck, Travis, etc. has made his name synonymous with quality music, producing some of my all-time favorite records as well. Godrich is now moving from the recording studio to the television studio as he prepares to launch his own show.

According to Rolling Stone, From The Basement will feature some impressive musical performances. The first episode has already been filmed, which will include the White Stripes, Thom Yorke and Four Tet. Nice! He has already started work on episode two, containing performances by Beck and Jamie Lidell.

The nice thing for those of us outside of the UK is that Godrich will have the episodes available via video podcast download. About the new show, Godrich said: "I'm interested in the visual arts side of things, and somehow integrating that into what records have become. People don't buy albums so much because, as a medium, it's changing, so I'm just trying to figure out what it's changing into, and chasing after that."

Once we figure out where the video podcast will be available, we'll let you know!

Nigel Godrich To Debut TV Show