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Kick Push

The invite for this past weekend's DC/New Era launch party (celebrating their latest collaboration, 20/94) came screenprinted onto our very own skate deck. Not something you'd want to slide into your back pocket, but impressively extravagant nonetheless. The name of the venture is a combo of the founding dates of the two brands: New Era has been around since 1920, and DC's been skaterizing since 1994. As such, there were a few choice archival highlights on display at the party, including some rare KAWS/DC sneaks and an ancient-looking wooden New Era hat block, size 7 3/8. The new joints give all the right nods to NE's baseball past (red baseball mitt stitching and pinstripes), while staying true to DC's skate tradition. There will only be a hundred or so sets in existence, which explains why the sneakers not only had their own security guard, but were hidden under a velvet blanket in a glass box for the better part of the night. More pics after the jump.

Kick Push