Want Your Own Show On Sirius Satellite Radio?

OK, so it is pretty much a known fact that commercial radio is about as entertaining as watching paint dry. With the exception of a few dedicated music heads that continue to crank out fantastic specialty shows, the majority of alternative rock radio is cluttered with generic rubbish. Think you can do better? The folks at Sirius are offering up a chance for you to grab the mic to talk about whatever you want, play any music you desire, all via their their Faction channel. Beginning on September 24, Faction will kick off D.I.Y. Radio, putting Sirius listeners in control of the broadcast to do whatever they want, totally uncensored.

If this appeals to you, head over to RadioFaction.com to fill out the necessary application. I checked out the questionnaire, which asks for the fourteen songs you would play on the show. If I was to host D.I.Y. Radio, here is what I might play. Although it would be mostly new material, I would obviously have to drop in at least a few Britpop classics!

Blur - "Advert"
IV Thieves - "Catastrophe"
Morning Runner - "Burning Benches"
Suede - "Animal Nitrate"
Mew - "Why Are You Looking Grave?"
Bon Savants - "Between The Moon And The Ocean"
Darker My Love - "Summer Is Here"
The Hourly Radio - "Not A Victim"
Frank Smith - "L.O.V.E."
Pulp - "Babies"
Joseph Arthur - "You Are Free"
Adem - "Launch Yourself"
The Zutons - "Valerie"
Silversun Pickups - "Dream At Tempo 119"

Want Your Own Show On Sirius Satellite Radio?