Pieces Of The People We Love

Almost three years have passed since the last album from Brooklyn's The Rapture came out in shops. While my favorite Rapture song is still, and always will be, "Out Of The Races And Onto The Tracks," the band shot into more of the mainstream market with their 2003 album, Echoes. Now, three years later, they are releasing their newest venture titled Pieces Of The People We Love.

Upon the first few notes of the opening track, "Don Gon Do It," (which looks like it should be a M.I.A. title) you can tell that The Rapture are already departing a little bit from their standard sound. The DFA processed beats are gone and the production of Paul Epworth, Dangermouse and Ewan Pearson become very apparent. As a matter of fact the song sounds more like a throwback to Queen, Talking Heads and Roxy Music with handclaps and the patented cowbell added for good measure. Speaking of a different direction, one of the last tunes, "Calling Me," trades in the upbeat jams for fuzzy deep drums, big and sharp guitars and mixes it with slow, dark, pulled back vocals that are reminiscent of BRMC. The single, "Get Myself Into It," has been doing fairly well on the radio tip, and is easily comparable to older Rapture repertoire showcasing hi-hats, saxophone, infectious beats and front man Luke Jenner's high Robert Smith-esque vocals. The band then downshifts into "First Gear," a techno song with pushed back vocals that happens to be the longest track on the record. One complaint is that the song is a little too long, and would have worked better as a remix since it almost sounds like it could be one.

There are a lot of bands that fall into the disco punk category, however The Rapture is the only one that have continuously released quality tunes for the most part. The Rapture isn't out to change the face of music. They are just out there having fun, bringing party music for people to get their dance and drink on to. It's important to keep that in mind when listening to their newest work.

"Get Myself Into It" video
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Pieces Of The People We Love