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00:00:02    System And Station "When You're The Witness" (Latest Flame)
00:03:53    Sirens Sister "Hold On" (The Control Group)
00:07:27    Heavens "Counting" (Epitaph)
00:10:52    Slumber Party "10-9-8-7-6-5-4" (Kill Rock Stars)
00:14:31    break one
00:16:53    The Whigs "Technology" (ATO Records)
00:20:28    Viva Voce "When Planets Collide" (Barsuk)
00:24:00    The Album Leaf "Always For You" (Sub Pop)
00:28:50    The Panda Band "Musical Chairs" (Filter)
00:33:36    Xiu Xiu "Boy Soprano" (5RC)
00:36:59    break two
00:38:38    Now It's Overhead "Walls" (Saddle Creek)
00:42:18    Favourite Sons "Rise Up" (VICE)
00:45:15    The Auxiliaries "24:01" (unsigned)
00:47:47    The Matches "Papercut Skin" (Epitaph)
00:51:06    So Many Dynamos "Progress" (Skrocki)
00:55:06    break three
00:58:15    Bettie Serveert "Hell = Other People" (Minty Fresh)
01:01:59    The Poems "So Soon" (Minty Fresh)
01:05:29    Sebastien Schuller "Tears Coming Home" (Minty Fresh)
01:10:27    break four
01:12:30    Catfish Haven "Crazy For Leaving" (Secretly Canadian)
01:16:30    The Strange Boys "That Article Ruined It" (unsigned)
01:18:24    Jubb & The Dirty Sleeves "Taxi For Joy" (unsigned)
01:20:45    Dr. Dog "Ain't It Strange" (Park The Van)
01:25:09    break five
01:26:38    Silversun Pickups "Comeback Kid" (live in-studio)
01:30:27    break six
01:38:03    Silversun Pickups "Future Foe Scenarios" (live in-studio)
01:43:05    break seven
01:48:58    Silversun Pickups "Well Thought Out Twinkles" (live in-studio)
01:52:48    break eight
01:59:41    Silversun Pickups "Dream At Tempo 119" (live in-studio)

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