Is There Life Left In WOXY?

It hasn't even been two weeks since WOXY signed off and it looks like the "little station that could" might see a light at the end of the tunnel after all. Below is an email from our good friend Shiv that was the Music Director at the heritage station.

He claims that things may be clearer as soon as tomorrow, but things are definitely looking up. We are sitting with our fingers crossed for these guys. Rest assured that as things develop we'll keep you in the know. Could three times be a charm?


The blogosphere is buzzin' today (and so am I) with the news that WOXY.COM is likely about to be acquired and brought back to life...again.

All I can say is PLEASE do not remove us from any of your mailing lists yet. The mail was awfully light here today for a Monday, so I fear that already started to happen. A deal is being brokered today and barring anything crazy, I think that everybody is in agreement that this is a great thing.

At the moment I am not back in the office, but depending on how today's meetings go, we could be back on the air within a week or two with LOTS of exciting developments to follow. I don't have much else to say until things become final, but I'll make sure everybody gets the news as soon as it is official.

In the meantime, make sure servicing continues. If our address changes as a result of this, I'll let everybody know, but the current plan has us staying put as far as I know.

Matt Shiv
music director

Is There Life Left In WOXY?