Paul Westerberg Records Kids' Album?

If someone told you that Paul Westerberg and Ashton Kutcher were working on a project together, you'd probably laugh in their face, but that doesn't seem to be too far from the truth. You see, the soundtrack to the forthcoming film Open Season (starring Ashton and Martin Lawrence, among others) is actually called Open Season: Featuring The Songs Of Paul Westerberg. That's right. He totally sold out and whipped up a batch of cheesy, kiddy, cartoon songs about playing nice and getting along with one another.

Just kidding.

Actually, from what I've heard online, if the album cover didn't have cartoons all over it you'd think it was a proper Westerberg solo album.

The whole thing came about by chance in fact when Westerberg was pitching some of his music to different film studios. After he played a few songs for the very last studio he was pitching, Sony, he was told, "We've got this bear movie coming up. Do you want to do a bear movie?" Westerberg agreed, flew back to Minneapolis, composed and recorded "Right To Arm Bears" in 24 hours and before he knew it, he was writing songs for an animated film.

He spent two and a half years working on the project, penning some new songs and reworking the lyrics to some songs he had laying around. He actually scored the film as well with film score vet Ramin Djawadi.

The album also features "Good Day," from his 1996 solo LP and covers of two Westerberg originals - "Wild As I Wanna Be," done by Sacramento-based Cake offshoot Deathray (who also contribute their own "I Wanna Lose Control" to the album), and "I Belong (reprise)" by Pete Yorn.

The soundtrack album is out today (Sept 26) via Lost Highway Records and the film hits theaters this Friday (Sept 29) via Columbia Pictures. Details below.

Open Season: Featuring The Songs Of Paul Westerberg:

01. "Meet Me In The Meadow"

02. "Love You In The Fall"

03. "I Belong"

04. "I Wanna Lose Control (Uh Oh)"

05. "Better Than This"

06. "Wild Wild Life"

07. "Right To Arm Bears"

08. "Good Day"

09. "All About Me"

10. "Wild As I Wanna Be"

11. "Whisper Me Luck"

12. "I Belong (reprise)"

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Paul Westerberg Records Kids' Album?