The Bjorkestra Announces NYC Performance

As a fellow saxophone player with a deep love for jazz, Travis Sullivan's Bjorkestra has been something that has totally fascinated me. Although it may sound like a gimmick, it totally isn't. This eighteen-member ensemble performs incredible renditions of the music of Bjork like you've never heard before. They have just announced a NYC date, taking place on October 19 at The Kaufman Center's Merkin Hall.

To help entice you even more, The Section Quartet will also be performing at this event. This string quartet will be covering Radiohead's OK Computer in its entirety. The Section Quartet has covered music from The Clash, Yeah Yeahs, Jeff Buckley and many others. You can download a few samples of their work on their official website.

Travis Sullivan's Bjorkestra w/ The Section Quartet
10.19.06 - New York, NY (Merkin Hall At The Kaufman Center)

The Section Quartet
The Kaufman Center

The Bjorkestra Announces NYC Performance