Blur's Bassist To Make Cheese

While Blur's Damon Albarn prepares to launch his latest musical project, bassist Alex James has decided to delve into the world of dairy. Yup, he is going to start producing his own cheese. You read that correctly... he is going to try his hand at entering the world of independent cheese making.

In a recent column from The Independent, he said: "The more I think about cheese the more I like it and the more I want some, which is why I'm taking matters into my own hands and venturing into the world of independent cheese making."

"My heart always beats a little bit faster in the cheese aisle of a French supermarket. The Italians, too, eat more cheese than us, as do the Danes. Danish cheese is not as well known, but well worth exploring."

Well, if your heart races in the cheese aisle, perhaps this is your true calling there James. Good luck, and please send us a sample. We wonder what he will call it. Cheeselife? Trouble In The Cheese Center? Charmless Cheese? When The Cows Come Home? Modern Life Is Cheesy?

Blur's Bassist To Make Cheese