Oasis Have No Plans To Do Anything

Being a huge British band with no record label seems to be all the rage these days. First there was Radiohead, who have yet to announce if they will sign with a label to release their next LP... whenever that will be. Now the Gallagher brothers have fallen into that same category, as their deal with Sony is now wrapped up.

So what are they going to do? In a recent interview with Billboard, Noel Gallagher said: "There's no plans to do anything. Saying that, there's no plans not to do anything, either. We're not like other bands in that respect. We're masters of our own destiny and take these things one album at a time. The last time we sat down and planned an album, it turned into Don't Believe the Truth, and that took three years to record."

All right, so they aren't working on new music, they have no plans on making any new music, but they don't plan on calling it quits either. Wow, that sure cleared things up. He did hint that they will release a boxed set filled with rarities at some point, but that is really about it.

As for any potential label signings, Gallagher added: "I'd like to do something on our own, but it's a bit of a big step," he says. "It depends on what works best for all of us, really. Liam will want the big advance of $900 million and be drinking champagne for the rest of his life. I, on the other hand, would rather put the records out and keep all the money. So I don't know which way we'll go."

I guess at least we will get their best of compilation, Stop The Clocks, on November 20. If you haven't checked out the tracklisting yet, click here.

Oasis Have No Plans To Do Anything