Jack White's Aluminium

When he's not working in his own band, or a not-so-side-side project, Jack White is offering up his original music for a completely different thing all together called Aluminium. Recorded throughout August 2005 and February 2006 in London, the end result is an album chock full of avant garde orchestral music that started off as White Stripes songs. Interesting, no? Many young classically trained musicians from the UK were called to help out, along with co-producers Joby Talbot (a British pop and soundtrack composer) and Richard Russell, founder of XL.

Rob Jones, one of the collaborators from White Stripes has also joined the effort by creating ten different images that will come with the album. You can a preview of them on the Aluminium Myspace page, or by going to the Rob Jones art exhibition that is currently on display at the Richard Goodall Gallery in Manchester.

As for the album itself, it will be ready for pre-order starting November 6, and will only be available through the Aluminium website. You might want to remember that date because there will be a limited edition of 3,333 CDs and 999 LPs with an exclusive toy. The downloaded version will be unlimited, but obviously the limited edition versions are way cooler. Additionally, choreographer Wayne McGregor is using the music for a new performance for the Royal Ballet that will happen in November as well.

It's times like this that we get excited about music again!

01. "Aluminum"
02. "I'm Bound To Pack It Up"
03. "Why Can't You Be Nicer To Me"
04. "Astro"
05. "Never Far Away"
06. "Little Bird"
07. "Let's Build A Home"
08. "Who's A Big Baby"
09. "The Hardest Button To Button"
10. "Forever For Her"

Jack White's Aluminium