Live - Starsailor @ Great American Music Hall | SF

When the Great American Music Hall closes the upstairs portion of
their facility, I can tell that the crowd will be scant in numbers.
But as UK's Starsailor began to take stage and pound out perfect rhythm and lyric, I began to ask: why aren't people listening to them?

Singer James Walsh warmly welcomed the crowd and said, "It's been a while since we've been here. It's very good to be back." Starsailor last was here in 2003, playing a sold out show at Slim's that was well received by an audience that was lucky to witness them live, myself included.

Three years later, I stood in the crowd as the band played songs from older albums as well as the newest release, On The Outside, and felt the same awe that had won me over the first time. James' voice hit each note like it was supposed to, and the guitars were perfect.

"Four To The Floor" had a nice reprise at the end that sounded like a
Thin White Duke remix, Walsh dashing across the stage without his guitar and pointing out into the crowd. Poignant "Love Is Here," off the first record of the same name, captivated the audience into swaying back and forth, making them pause from taking an alcoholic sip to marvel in Walsh's voice, yearning and wanting love, a phenomenal sound to hear in person as he pushed himself in range and depth.

As the band finished strong and I re-discovered what it was like to enjoy good, melodic Britpop, I'm still not sure why the house wasn't full for Starsailor. Maybe us Yankees haven't come to fully appreciate the Welsh musicians like we have Keane or Travis, or they never caught on fast enough for the hype to kick in. Regardless, it might be their time to shine now, and we might need to pay attention.


By Jenn Hernandez

Live - Starsailor @ Great American Music Hall | SF