World Waits

Jeremy Enigk's new album World Waits is simply stunning. We all know Enigk from Seattle's Sunny Day Real Estate and it's no surprise that he went on to make such amazing albums like this one. Everyone and their mother at one point in their life probably owned a copy of Diary and because of that, I would expect nothing short of pure perfection. OK, I guess that's a little much, but Enigk's efforts here are above and beyond the call of duty.

Enigk starts of World Waits with "A New Beginning," an instrumental that starts out sounding like a tape that Ben Gibbard gave Jimmy Tambarello before Tambarello added the beats. It quickly turns into an orchestral one minute and thirty seconds of bells and whistles that could be used in any movie ever made. It's climatic and constant. It sounds like the ocean bought a few musical instruments and learned how to play the fuck out of them.

"Been Here Before" is just as climatic as "A New Beginning." Enigk's voice has the Peter Gabriel effect on it and it takes off and soars. It's updated emo rock. Think Peter Gabriel getting a hold of Doug Martsch's catalog. Well, something like that at least. That might sound like an awful thing, but god damn does it work well.

Other songs like "Cannons," "Wayword Love," and "Hard to Explain" continue in the perfectly produced pop canvases that Enigk starts off the record with. It's a constant flow of catchy melodies, soothing vocals, and sophisticated instrumentation. Enigk should be one happy dude as he just made one hell of a beautiful record.

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World Waits