Brothers Casey and Jesse Cooper are The Receiver, a Columbus, OH-based band you should familiarize yourself with ASAP. The framework of their debut album, Decades, actually began as Casey's senior year thesis composition at the Ohio State University School Of Music. The project, called From The Corner Of A Room, was greeted with so much praise that Casey decided to recruit his big brother Jesse to help round out the edges and realize the full potential of the ethereal, electronic compositions.

Normally when I hear something like "music school thesis" I think, "BOR....ING." But Decades is no geeked out, uber complex, experimental concept record created for Professor "I know more about music than you" O'hara. Instead, it's an easily accessible, neatly arranged package of songs with intelligent lyrics wrapped around beautiful sonic landscapes. Clocking in at under an hour, the album runs the gamut of emotions and tempos, but the thick, textured musical layers remain constant throughout. Well produced and well executed, this exceptional debut will be a hit with fans of Sigur Ros, Air, Radiohead and likeminded contemporaries like KUNEK.

The band has a steady stream of tour dates lined up through the middle of NOV, so be sure to check their MySpace page to see if they're coming to your town.

"In Tunnels" MP3
"Decades" MP3

The Receiver
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