Blur's Drummer Joins New Band

With Blur's Damon Albarn working on The Good, The Bad And The Queen, bassist Alex James making cheese and former guitarist Graham Coxon continuing his solo career, you may be wondering what drummer Dave Rowntree is up to. Rather than just sitting around waiting to record the next Blur album, which at this rate is never going to happen, he has opted to form a new band. NME is reporting that the group, The Ailerons, features Rowntree, keyboardist Mike Smith, bassist Grog, guitarist Dan Beattle and vocalist Charity Hair. Yes, Hair.

Their debut EP will be available online only, with a current UK release date of October 17. Songs on the EP will include "Dig A Hole," "Waking Fever," "Bonafone" and "Roll Over." You can sample the song "Dig A Hole" via their MySpace page.

The Ailerons

Blur's Drummer Joins New Band