Design Your Own Beck Tour Shirt

Beck is all about letting his fans customize merchandise. First was with his new album, The Information, which features sticker sheets to allow fans to create their own cover art and booklet. It is a pretty genius idea, which unfortunately bumped him off the UK music charts this week. If you missed that nugget of stupidity, click here.

The latest in his grand customizable scheme is that of his tour t-shirts. When you attend one of his shows, you can purchase a blank t-shirt with a set of iron-on decals. You can select from four different sets of iron-ons, plus several different colors of t-shirts, and it will all be put together on the spot. Fans will walk away with their own tour t-shirt creation... which I must admit is pretty damn cool.

If you are attending any of his upcoming concerts, go get yourself a t-shirt and take a picture for us. We totally want to see what these customizable shirts are all about.

10.13.06 - Nashville, TN (City Hall)
10.14.06 - Chicago, IL (UIC Pavillion)
10.16.06 - Toronto, ON (Ricoh Arena)
10.18.06 - New York, NY (Theater At Madison Square Garden)
10.23.06 - Philadelphia, PA (Tower Theater)

Design Your Own Beck Tour Shirt