Weekly Web Roundup

I've been watching a lot of Undeclared lately and Loudon Wainwright III, who plays Steven's father, is one of the best characters on the show. As a result of all the DVD watching, I've been really getting into this unique and gifted songwriter. Loudon Wainwright is truly one of a kind and there's no one else like him.

Rbally has a fantastic Johnny Cash show on his blog.

My friend sent me this a few years ago and God, I love this commercial

Aquarium Drunkard has a great My Morning Jacket radio performance here

Don't Do Drugs

Like covers?? Well there's a great cover of the song below right here

If you haven't seen this movie or this movie do so now.

Get your pumpkins now

I'm from Chicago and this will be In my possession on October 24th, no questions asked.


I know that Dylan's new album is getting tons of praise and let me tell you, I love it as well, but don't you love him a lot more like this?

Weekly Web Roundup