James Hall Working On New Album

Nobody, and I mean nobody, rocked like Pleasure Club. The now defunct group had roots in both Los Angeles and New Orleans, fronted by the enigmatic James Hall. Backed by Marc Hutner, Grant Curry and Michael Jerome, they released two of the best rock albums of the past several years, Here Comes The Trick and The Fugitive Kind. Their post-punk meets swaggering rock & roll was great on tape but mind blowing on stage.

I was lucky enough to catch Pleasure Club live a few times, including a stunning night at NYC's Sin-e. I'm not sure what set the band off, but I have never witnessed a band that angry, giving one of the most electric (and obscenely loud) performances I have yet to experience. The energy they put into every show was powerful, almost spiritual. I have heard people say that attending Pleasure Club shows was like going to church. I have to admit that they were kinda right, as you definitely walked out a changed person. And then there is James Hall. His voice and stage presence makes him a one-of-a-kind musician, easily one of the most captivating performers I have ever watched. He teeters on the verge of madness as he switches from a croon to a scream, and it is glorious.

Sadly, the band called it quits in May of 2005. After four years of hard work, two studio albums, one live album and three solid years of touring, things just collapsed. I have known drummer Michael Jerome for a while, clear back from his days drumming in Course Of Empire. After spending a little time on his MySpace page the other day, I noticed that James Hall had created a page as well. To my pleasant surprise, Hall has posted three video diaries from his time in the studio.

Yes music fans, James Hall is working on new music! He is working with Chris Piskun on guitar, Bruce Butkovich on bass and Michael Jerome on drums. Although no other information appears to be available as of yet, just knowing that Hall is back at it is newsworthy enough for me. The studio video diaries give us a quick sample of what his latest musical endeavor will sound like, and so far I am totally digging it. For those unfamiliar with Hall and Pleasure Club, check out the links below and make sure you snag copies of the PC albums. You can thank me later.

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Pleasure Club - MySpace

James Hall Working On New Album