Gallery - Silversun Pickups @ Bowery Ballroom | NYC

Few bands strike a cord with us (no pun intended) the way Silversun Pickups do. While a lot of us in the Tripwire office love many different bands, there is something about Silversun Pickups' artistic quality that unites all of us together. Whether it's their originality (in a time of oversaturated indie bands that sound the same), down to earth personality, or even their ability to rock our asses off, they just rule. You have heard us go on and on and on about how much we love them, so there won't be a review. What more can we say? There are however photos from the show. Check those out below.

Last night was a milestone in their hopefully long career as musicians. After the news of selling out Mercury Lounge for their two New York City dates with Viva Voce, the band moved over to Bowery headline. Quite a far cry from the first time I saw them at Zen Sushi Club about four years ago. Now I really can't wait to check them out when they roll through New York City again, next time playing Hammerstein Ballroom.

Oh yeah, and remember that you still have a chance to see them live for free yourself. What are you waiting for? Go enter now.

Photos by Erin Chandler

Gallery - Silversun Pickups @ Bowery Ballroom | NYC