Thurston Moore Pays Homage To Sun Ra In Chicago

Chicago's newly opened Hyde Park Art Center will be hosting a free program of events and two-day Symposium on music legend Sun Ra. Called "Traveling The Spaceways," the symposium will include informative panel discussions, musical performances, and readings that will investigate the impact that Sun Ra and Afro-Futurism has had on American history and visual culture.

Before the symposium gets underway, however, the HPAC will host a very special night of music at local institution The Hideout on November 10 @ 9pm. Billed as "Music For Tomorrow's World: A Dedication To Sun Ra," the event will feature a headlining performance from indie rock superhero Thurston Moore. For those that don't know, the room holds about 100 people, so if you've been tying to chat with Thurston, now's your chance. There's no place for him to hide!

If you're in Chicago November 10-12 and you're looking for something a little different to do, add this to your agenda. Links below.

Hyde Park Arts Center
The Hideout

Thurston Moore Pays Homage To Sun Ra In Chicago