Apparently Radiohead Is Finally Back In The Studio

Radiohead's Thom Yorke posted on the band's journal over the weekend, letting fans know that the new album is finally under way. Multi-instrumentalist Jonny Greenwood posted a few pics from the studio as well, so it looks like they mean business this time! Yorke didn't offer much in terms of information on the album, simply posting: "weve started the record properly now. starting to get somewhere i think. finally."

Yoke's paranoia about climate change also popped up on this recent journal entry. He is all about The Big Ask campaign, about which he said:

if it scares you speechless and wakes you in the night.
if you are bothered about the flooding you keep seeing.
or those high winds.
or that there is something not quite right about the fact you're still walking round in a Tshirt in october.

please find out about the the big ask campaign

To read more, and to see Radiohead's photos from the studio, click here.

Apparently Radiohead Is Finally Back In The Studio