Division Day Do Jail Time

Being thrown in jail is so rock 'n' roll. Tell that to the guys in Division Day. While we have to wait until next year for the release of their album Beartrap Island via Mercy Records, the band has been hard at work getting thrown in jail touring the west coast. The story of what happened is too good to change up, so we took it word for word from their press release. Read it and if you think these guys are great with drama, you should check them out live. We included some tour dates and an MP3 after the release.


The Arrest Of Division Day:

During their first night in Spokane, WA, the band ended up at a nearby bar after their set. Drummer Kevin Lenhart and bass/vox/guitarist Seb Bailey met up with two friends, and had a few. Discussing the topic of scars, one friend mentioned they'd avoided a nasty bike accident with a car not far from where they were. Checking out the area, they passed the old Fox Theater, which looked abandoned from the outside. With its tempting holes in the fence, they wandered in to the open fire escape to see if the building's insides lived up to its external invitation.

Not even two minutes in, five police vehicles circled the building. Carrying nothing but their wallets and keys, Seb and one of his friends went outside to find out what was happening, and they were quickly told to get down and put their faces on the pavement! Moments later, Kevin and the other friend emerged, uncertain of what was going on. They were thrown in squad cars, and both Division Day members were placed in an awkward overnight cell when they finally made it to the police station.

Kevin and Seb were immediately booked on charges of second-degree burglary - which actually requires the intent to commit a crime against person or property - thrown in jail, and held until late the next evening. Missing the second show on their tour, until they were both greeted with an abundance of apologies from the cops. No one seemed to understand why they were overcharged, but they were let off with a trespassing ticket that has since been dropped.

"Once we were released, we just wanted to get out of town as fast as we could," said Kevin. "Continuing the tour sounded like the best idea ever."

Division Day may have made it out of jail, but the hex was still very much upon them. Their next show in Portland was shut down by the fire marshal. Kevin ended up stepping on and subsequently crushing Seb's glasses. Guitarist Ryan Wilson's amp blew the following night. Their van's transmission caved in the following day in Sacramento. After days waiting for the van's repairs, Kevin's tire exploded 20 minutes into his drive home to Los Angeles.


10.30.06 - New York, NY (Pianos)
11.03.06 - Brooklyn, NY (Union Hall) CMJ
11.04.06 - New York, NY (Sin-e) CMJ

"Hurricane" MP3

Division Day Do Jail Time