Again And Again EP

When we last heard from Inara George, she gave us gentle pop perfection with her brilliant solo album, All Rise. Her songs were light and breezy, instantly catchy and simply fantastic. Her next release shows her partnering up with Beck musician Greg Kurstin, and the results are even better than I could have hoped for.

For those unfamiliar with the two parts of The Bird And The Bee, the voice comes from the daughter of Little Feat's Lowell George. Music runs in the family's blood, as Inara quickly jumped into performing in various Los Angeles bands until beginning her solo career. It was during the recording of her debut solo album that she met multi-instrumentalist Greg Kurstin. The jazz prodigy crossed over to the rock world, working with artists ranging from Peaches to The Flaming Lips.

Judging by their debut EP, Again And Again And Again And Again, the duo of George and Kurstin is a perfect match. This four-track sampler gives us a taste of their upcoming full-length, due out on Blue Note early in '07. The EP begins with its title track, a somewhat danceable tune that is fairly reminiscent of George's All Rise. This bouncy pop song is filled with her breathtaking vocals and an instantly catchy (and repetitive) chorus. The jazzy influences appear on "I'm A Broken Heart," containing a horn section to compliment the outstanding vocal melody. Yeah, these two do have a love for jazz standards, but in a totally good way.

Up next is the song that caused my jaw to drop. While Inara George's album kept the lyrical content pretty clean, she pulls a 180 with "Fucking Boyfriend." Not only is this a pretty huge change in songwriting, it also makes an interesting turn in musical direction as well. This is a track that will easily make its way onto the dance floor with plenty of blips and synths, which are pushed even further on the Peaches remix. Yes, that Peaches. This is easily one of my favorite songs of the year.

While America drools over Lily Allen, music fans should look a little closer to home and give The Bird And The Bee a listen. It has catchy pop songs, fantastic female vocal melodies, all mixed together with a hint of saucy. Give them a listen... you will be pleasantly surprised.

The Bird And The Bee

Again And Again EP