Download - The Boggs "Arm In Arm"

Who are The Boggs? Actually, at their core, The Boggs are just one dude, multi-instrumentalist Jason Friedman, who employs a rotating cast of musical compadres to assist him in his creations. The Boggs will release a new album, entitled Forts, in the spring of 2007 via NYC-based indie Gigantic Music. Over two years in the making, the album began on Friedman's kitchen floor in Berlin in 2004 and was finally realized late this year at Gigantic Studios in NYC.

The album has already received praise from the likes of Spin, Magnet, and Time Out NY, to name a few. Intrigued yet? Well you can download a track from the album below. It's called "Arm In Arm" and just for good measure, we're including a link to a Hot Chip remix of the track as well.

"Arm In Arm" (Extended Version)
"Arm In Arm" (Hot Chip Remix)

The Boggs will be playing the Gigantic Music CMJ showcase at Cake Shop in NYC on Saturday, November 4, with Maison Blanche, White Rabbits, Low Frequency In Stereo and Big A Little A.

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Download - The Boggs "Arm In Arm"