Ramblin' Jack And Peter Rowan @ B.B. King's Next Week

On Monday, November 6th, Ramblin' Jack Elliott and Peter Rowan will be playing at B.B. King's. Ramblin' Jack is a huge hero in the folk scene and has been a major influence on Dylan, Pete Seeger, and even the Grateful Dead.

Dylan took Elliott on his Rolling Thunder Revue tour in '75, and he was also featured in Dylan's movie, Renaldo and Clara. Needless to say, Elliott is an extremely talented folk singer who should not be missed.

If you want to play six degrees of separation with Elliott and Rowan, we can. Elliott's album, Friends of Mine, features Phil Lesh who was in a band with Jerry Garcia who was in a band called Old And In The Way with Peter Rowan. Rowan is a very successful folk guitar player who has played with Bill Monroe, David Grisman, and many many more. His band, Earth Opera, used to open up for The Doors and he has been recording progressive folk music ever since.

Trust me, if you're not doing anything next Monday night (which you're probably not), come and check out a fantastic show at BB King's. You can say hello to me and a bunch of cowboys that show up out of the woodwork for these shows. It's fantastic, I've seen it with my own eyes.

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Ramblin' Jack And Peter Rowan @ B.B. King's Next Week