Live - O'Death @ Cake Shop | NYC

O'Death are a punk rock chain gang. They are a gothic hoedown, a bloody Civil War battle, and a giant group of screaming voodoo doctors. They have fire in their eyes, and the blood running through their veins is from another time and another place. Their hymnal stomps are filled with pure, unapologetic thunder and Greg Jamie's voice is like that of Neil Young channeling General Lee from the grave. Simply put, they are an untamed beast of a band that I have no problem admitting were one of the best and most engaging live bands that I have ever set my eyes on.

O'Death played at Cake Shop in New York City last night. It was my first time seeing the Brooklyn based band and I had only heard the songs that are on their MySpace page previous to the show. They are an acoustic guitar, a banjo, a ukelele, a bass, an electric fiddle, and something that resembles a drum kit. David Rogers-Berry, the band's drummer, plays with no snare, one torn apart cymbal that sounds more like a garbage pail top, and an old gasoline tin. The whole band screams the lyrics for choruses, and Rogers-Berry stands up quite often to scream as if he is possessed by the devil himself. It's a fucking spectacle that will rattle your goddamn bones. It will get your feet stomping, your hands clapping, and when Gabe Darling, the band's banjo/ukulele player, gets up to seizure through the crowd, it'll get you screaming for more. Ever seen those preacher guys who claim they can cure you and then some crazy son of a bitch gets up and has an uncontrollable urge to stand up and try to shake the imaginary spiders off their body? Well, it's something like that. You can't fucking help it. It's that good.

O'Death is the real fucking deal and you have to see it to believe it. Listen to the album, (which magically showed up in the mail when I got home from the show) but DO NOT MISS these guys for those of you in town for CMJ. And record labels, hear me roar, these guys are going to be huge. Get out your checkbooks. "Baby, Lay Me Down To Rest."

More pictures from Daniel Arnold are here

Live - O'Death @ Cake Shop | NYC