Deathray Davies Frontman Joins Apples In Stereo

Multi-instrumentalist and frontman for the fantastic Dallas band The Deathray Davies has found a great gig to fill the time until their next album. He has put down his guitar and picked up some drumsticks, as he is now the drummer for The Apples In Stereo. He has replaced Apples' original drummer Hilarie Sidney, who departed from the band last August.

Here is the statement from The Apples In Stereo's website:

The Apples in stereo are pleased to announce their first show tonight with their new drummer John Dufilho, lead singer and principal songwriter of The Deathray Davies (the Black Cat, Washington, DC). The band announced the departure of original Apples drummer Hilarie Sidney at the Athens Popfest in August.

We are all huge fans of the Deathray Davies, says Apples frontman Robert Schneider. John is a loud, awesome drummer and he fits in perfectly with our band's sound. Dufilho's 2006 self-titled solo album is under consideration for a Grammy Award in the Alternative category.

Congrats Dufilho!

John Dufilho
The Deathray Davies
The Apples In Stereo

Deathray Davies Frontman Joins Apples In Stereo