Live - Motherf*cker @ The Roxy | NYC

Halloween comes just once a year and on this night the freaks come out to play...Wait, that's at every Motherfucker party all year round! It's just multiplied by ten and held at the huge roller rink in the NYC meat-packing district, The Roxy. All the beautiful freaks spend an extra few hours on costume and makeup before they head over to their beloved mother of all parties, Motherfucker.

Converted into a spectacular ballroom, The Roxy was packed wall to wall with party people. The Halloween theme this year was a tribute to the classic '70s movie, Carrie (by Stephen King). In celebration of all things Carrie, there were lots of prom dresses covered in faux-pigs blood, tiaras, and tampons. My favorite costume was a go-go dancer dressed in a white braw and blood stained panties with tampons dangling all over her. Some tampons fell onto the floor and people threw them back at her yelling "plug it up, pug it up"! See pic here.

At 10:30pm, there was a screening of the Motherfucker The Movie trailer, soon to be released in 2007 with a U.S. tour in the works. After a live set from Morningwood, Michael T started the crowd off dancing with the song, "Rock Lobster," by the B-52's. At 2:30am there was a special late night performance by U.K. electro/dance pop group, Hot Chip. The crowd went crazy when they played their famously fun song, "Over and Over."

Later in the night, there was a costume contest with $500 as the grand prize and an extra special live performance by Michael T & The Carrie White Follies. The winner of the costume contest was Colonel Sanders, though I thought the Queen of Hearts and her White Rabbit deserved a standing applause as well.

My digital camera died at the end of the night and I lost all of my photos, but fortunately two of the top party paparazzi, and, took photos of all the naughty downtown kids showing their dirty pillows for you to gawk at! See pictures here:

By Amylu Meneses

Live - Motherf*cker @ The Roxy | NYC