The Cure Readies Thirty Song Live DVD

When news of the upcoming live Cure DVD landed in my inbox, I was reminded of a time back during high school when life revolved around all things Robert Smith. From saving up money to buy bootlegs of out of print rarities to searching high and low to track down a VHS copy of their live film The Cure In Orange, I was a bit obsessed.

Fast forward fifteen years from that moment in my life and The Cure are still at it. The band brought back their former guitarist, Porl Thompson, and embarked on a tour of festivals in 2005 that took them to Spain, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Sicily, Hungary, Germany, Greece and Turkey. Those performances were captured on tape by professional cameramen, the band's crew as well as fans, and that footage was compiled to make Festival 2005.

The DVD will be ready just in time for your holiday shopping, with a current release date listed for December 5. It features some classic Cure songs, which will be a must for any longtime fan.

Festival 2005
01. "Open"
02. "Fascination Street"
03. "alt.end"
04. "The Blood"
05. "A Night Like This"
06. "The End Of The World"
07. "If Only Tonight We Could Sleep"
08. "The Kiss"
09. "Shake Dog Shake"
10. "Us Or Them"
11. "Never Enough"
12. "The Figurehead"
13. "A Strange Day"
14. "Push"
15. "Just Like Heaven"
16. "Inbetween Days"
17. "From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea"
18. "The Drowning Man"
19. "Signal To Noise"
20. "The Baby Screams"
21. "One Hundred Years"
22. "Shiver And Shake"
23. "End"
24. "At Night"
25. "M"
26. "Play For Today"
27. "A Forest"
28. "Plainsong"
29. "Disintegration"
30. "Faith"

The Cure Readies Thirty Song Live DVD