La Rocca's Van & Gear Stolen In Philadelphia

Dublin quartet La Rocca has fallen victim to just about the worst thing that could happen to a band on the road. Their wheels AND all of their gear was ripped off this morning in Philadelphia. They've asked us to post a list of the nabbed goods on the site in hopes that by some miracle, one of you will have some info that may help them recover their gear. So... here's what's been nabbed:

License 3VN W138

(most in cases and with La Rocca stenciled on side)

Roland XP30 (BP56576)
Yamaha P60 (UALJO1238)
Rickenbacker 4005 Bass (23884)
Fender Precision Bass (B157333)

Ampeg Bass Cabinet 8x10

Ashdown Bass Head 500 (21094-03GS)

Yamaha Oak Custom Drum Kit

Fender Telecaster (M23004737)
Gibson L6-S (501266)
Martin DXK2 Dreadnought Acoustic
Tanglewood Acoustic (TWOSJCE-LH)
Fender DeVille Twin Amplifier (B-213552)

Line 6 Delay Modeler Pedal
Boss Tuner Pedal x 3
Boss Overdrive Pedal

If you have any info, please shoot us an email.

La Rocca's Van & Gear Stolen In Philadelphia