Current TV And Flavorpill Sitting In A Tree...

Al Gore's greatest creation (apart from the Internet), the TV network that caters to the 18-34 demographic's pot abuse-induced A.D.D. known as Current TV has just announced a partnership with the ever-expanding Flavorpill universe, who's 11 email magazines currently reach more than 500,000 subscribers. The new partnership will tap Flavorpill's "culture savvy" network to create their own original content about cultural happenings.

The videos will be posted on Current TV's designated Flavorpill website, where they will be voted on by the Current TV community. Those with the most votes will make it on air. But that's not it. The director of each video that makes it to air will also get $500. Cha Ching!

This could potentially be really cool. Stay tuned to see if the future of TV is changed forever. For more on the Flavorpill Current TV love fest, click the link below.
Current TV/Flavorpill

Current TV And Flavorpill Sitting In A Tree...