MySpace Giveth And Taketh Away... Then Giveth Back Again

We all knew it would happen, right? That jerk Rupert Murdoch would take over MySpace and start screwing everything up and/or using his powers for evil at the expense of the "little guy." The only question was how long it would take. Well yesterday, it seemed that Baton Rouge, LA-based indie rock outfit Bones would be one of the first to feel the touch of Mr. Murdoch. You see, the unsigned band, which held the MySpace URL for nearly 2 years, was informed (with no advance notice or explanation) that they had lost their URL in favor of the FOX TV show Bones.

In a press release sent out yesterday, band member Michael Miller said, "Losing our URL was a complete surprise to us. We logged on one day and found David Boreanaz staring back at us. It sucks because we've used that URL for almost two years to build our band name and fan base, and it's on all of our product and posters. We're as indie as it gets and can't afford to reprint everything."

(for the record David Boreanaz is the dude from that Buffy spin-off show Angel. Snore)

Just when it seemed that this little indie band had taken yet another kick to the behind from the established media world, one man came to save the day. That's right! This terrible corporate raping of an innocent indie rock band's URL was stopped cold by none other than Tom. You know? "Tom." Your first MySpace friend.

Amazingly, the band received a message from "Tom" himself stating:

"I heard about what happened with your URL. I gave it back to ya...Sorry about that! As we grow in size, sometimes people make decisions I don't know about. This was obviously the wrong decision. The Bones URL is yours once again. :) "

Hoozah! Let's hear it for "Tom!" Even as a multi-millionaire, he's keepin' it real.

For more on Bones (the band), click the link below. For more on Bones (the show), go google that shit yourself... show looks terrible.


MySpace Giveth And Taketh Away... Then Giveth Back Again