Rob Dickinson Releases Live Album

Catherine Wheel's golden voiced frontman, Rob Dickinson, toured his ass off over the past year in support of his debut solo album, Fresh Wine For The Horses. His live performances were intimate acoustic shows, featuring nothing more than Dickinson and his acoustic guitar. Stripped down to their core, these amazing sets showed just how impressive his songs truly are, as well as what a great performer he is.

It only made sense to put one of these performances to tape, which has been released through his website. His live album, Live And Alone, features material from both his solo album as well as a few Catherine Wheel classics. "Black Metallic" done acoustic is absolutely brilliant. This is definitely a must have for any fans of the Wheel.

Live And Alone
01. "Heal"
02. "The Storm"
03. "Oceans"
04. "My Name Is Love"
05. "Ma Solituda"
06. "Handsome"
07. "Bathe Away"
08. "Eat My Dust You Insensitive Fuck"
09. "Intelligent People"
10. "Crank"
11. "Towering & Flowering"
12. "Black Metallic"
13. "Future Boy"

Rob Dickinson

Rob Dickinson Releases Live Album