When Humanzi plopped on my desk in a jiffy pack from the UK it looked like it would be a German propaganda band. Luckily I was wrong because in fact, Humanzi are an Irish band that pull their influences from punk, rock, dance and classic rock. As fan said, Humanzi is Led Zeppelin mixed with Joy Divison and Primal Scream at 200 miles per hour. And while the German's propaganda might not be there, the pissed off, disgruntled foursome are following their desire to make fucked up tunes about fame, money and how power is messing up the world. Sound like a familiar topic for this election week? Yeah, I went there.

Tremors starts out by slapping you in the face with the drum pounding and bass heavy "Diet Pills And Magazines," before busting into "6 Gun," and as frontman Shaun Mulrooney rips through the lyrics you can actually imagine him spitting them into a mic. It's dirty, gritty and the stuff that encapsulates basement shows. With "Out On A Wire" the band turns a 180, and instead of producing the balls-to-the-wall rock, they bring in the Joy Division/New Wave dance beats all while taunting the listener by encouraging them to "Go! Go!" The same goes for the macabre "Song For Understanding" and the infectious "Fix The Cracks," which was actually the debut single across the pond. Then the rock comes back in full swing with "Get Your Shit Together," chock full of handclaps and fuzzy guitars.

The kicker is that the dudes actually look the part too. They played our FADER Sideshow at CMJ and I was seriously scared of them. The jams they ripped out were fun and rockin', but they look like the kind of kids that you imagine bumping into at a seedy bar and starting a fight with, which is how the story goes with how the band started. Supposedly they hated each other and did get into a fight, only to find out that they worked well together and shared common goals. See what can happen if we all just get along? The world will not only be a better place, but we will also have some great music to break shit to while rocking out.

"Fix The Cracks" MP3