Red Monroe EP

Dallas' Red Monroe are somewhat of a mystery to me. Their MySpace page lacks any real information, save for the band members' names and a few photos, and their official site is equally as vague when it comes to details of the quintet's genesis. Not that it really matters I suppose, as this outfit's music is more than capable of standing on its own without any sort background history. It doesn't really matter where they've played and who they've played with because their unique blend of garage, punk and psych rock is worthy of your attention on sheer artistic merit alone.

Bridging the gap between The Clash, Television and Pink Floyd, Red Monroe's self-titled EP is one of those rare records that pops with the first listen. It's unique and interesting, melodic and energetic, yet challenging and artistic at the same time. Songs like "A Return To The Old Way Of Thinking," with its call and response chorus and jangly guitars, seem to glow with indie rock enthusiasm, while the angular riffs and driving thump thump of the bass drum on "Carolina Cigarette" seem destined to make the indie kids bounce like pogo sticks.

Though primarily a local outfit at the moment, Red Monroe seem more than ready to break out of Dallas and take their careers to the next level. Until a proper label scoops them up, you can purchase the Red Monroe EP here. With the fantastic music explosion that's seemingly going down in Dallas at the moment (The Strange Boys, PlayRadioPlay, etc.), it seems more than proper to keep Red Monroe on your radar. You'll be hearing much more from these guys in 2007, trust me.

"A Return To The Old Way Of Thinking" MP3

Red Monroe

Red Monroe EP